Latin Christmas Festival

The Festival will be held at the Small Arms Inspection Building in Mississauga from 12:00 noon to 11:00 pm with free admission and parking.

More than 50 vendors, including artisans, food vendors and services, will be present to welcome all attendees with their products and crafts and delicious Christmas food and desserts.
We will also have a programming and children’s area full of free activities for children sponsored by Kiddo Magazine and Party Kidz.
The stage will be full of new talents, Christmas choirs, a clown show with magic, Disney princesses and the closing with the “El Parrandon” Band with all the Latin music of December.

There will be a Christmas Tree Contest, where the creativity of its participants will be rewarded with prizes from $100 to $500 in cash.

And you can’t miss the arrival of Santa Claus at 5:00 pm with his delegation of elves and children!!!

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LCF Stage Program 2023

LCF Stage Program 2023