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Latin Christmas Festival

DATE:  Saturday, December 2nd, 2023
TIME: 12:00 NOON – 11:00 pm
VENUE:  Small Arms Inspection Building
ADDRESS: 1352 Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga, ON L5E – 1E9

Welcome to the LATIN CHRISTMAS FESTIVAL, a wonderful celebration that will bring joy and togetherness to the Mississauga community!

Saturday, December 2nd, 2023, from 12:00 noon to 11:00 pm, families and their children can enjoy the Christmas atmosphere with many activities at the Small Arms Inspection Building. For the children, there will be a beautiful parade welcoming Santa Claus, a piñata and a children's area full of activities.

Latin Christmas Festival
Latin Christmas Festival

Christmas Celebration

Get ready to fully immerse yourself in the holiday season as our Christmas celebration unfolds, promising a symphony of delights that will cater to all your senses.

Be enchanted by the harmonious melodies of Christmas choirs, musical performances, and the captivating tunes of folklore groups, creating a magical atmosphere that resonates with the joy of the season.

Indulge in a culinary journey that will take you through the most delectable holiday season treats. Our event features an array of savoury delights and traditional Christmas desserts that will satisfy every craving. Savour the rich flavours and aromas that define the season, creating a feast for the senses that adds to the festive ambiance. As the air fills with laughter, music, and the aroma of delightful cuisine, our Christmas celebration becomes a sensory delight, inviting you to revel in the magic of the holidays.

Join us in creating lasting memories as we come together to share the joy of Christmas with music, delicious food, and a plethora of heartwarming gifts that capture the true essence of the season.

Christmas Celebration
Latin Christmas Festival

One-Stop Holiday Shopping Solution

Discover the ultimate holiday shopping destination at our festival, offering everything you need for the season. Explore the festive marketplace, adorned with twinkling lights, where vendors showcase an array of Christmas gifts that will surely bring smiles and warmth to your loved ones. Discover unique and thoughtful presents, from charming ornaments to handcrafted treasures, making it a shopping experience filled with the spirit of giving.

At the LATIN CHRISTMAS FESTIVAL you will find:

  • Christmas Decor
  • Distinctive Home Accessories
  • Fashion
  • Fine Jewelry
  • Specialty Foods
  • Adorable Kid’s Clothing & Toys
  • Spa Products
  • And Much, Much more!

Join us for a day filled with excitement at a unique shopping experience!

One-Stop Holiday Shopping Solution
Latin Christmas Festival

Santa Parade

Step into the enchanting world of our SANTA PARADE, a highlight of our festive celebration! At 5:00 pm, the venue comes alive with the merry sounds of holiday cheer as Santa Claus himself leads a spectacular parade. Bedecked in vibrant colours, adorned with twinkling lights, and accompanied by a joyful entourage of elves, reindeer, and festive characters, SANTA PARADE is a visual feast that captivates all.

Whether you're young or young at heart, the Santa Parade is a magical experience that brings the community together in a shared celebration of joy, wonder, and the timeless magic of Christmas. So, join us for this unforgettable moment and be swept away in the enchantment of our Santa Parade, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Santa Parade